September 7, 2023

Meet James Hill: A Construction Director Shaping Success

In the world of construction, experience and dedication are crucial, and James Hill, our Director of Construction at FaverGray, brings nearly four decades of invaluable expertise to the table. His journey in the industry spans more than 38 years, with a diverse background in multifamily housing, student housing, and commercial construction. As the Director of Construction, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring projects are built safely, on schedule, and with top-notch quality.

The Man Beyond the Hard Hat

James is from Texas, growing up with three younger brothers. His adventures took him far from home as he served in the United States Navy, stationed in the scenic Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During his service, he was a 2nd class Boatswain Mate and Master at Arms, responsible for ship security.

Beyond his military service, James is a globetrotter, having visited over 14 countries and lived in 12 states within the USA. He’s not just a construction expert; he’s a skilled guitarist, an award-winning horseshoe pitcher, and a man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

From Laborer to Leader

[Name]’s construction journey began as a laborer on a downtown Austin, Texas commercial building. He gradually worked his way up, becoming a journeyman carpenter and eventually starting his own business specializing in custom homes. Throughout his career, he acquired various trade licenses and transitioned into multifamily construction in the late ’90s.

Why James Chose FaverGray

When asked about his decision to join FaverGray, James simply stated, “I was informed it was the best construction company; so I had to see for myself!…Glad I did!” His choice has been mutually beneficial, contributing to the continued success of the company.

Passion for Mentoring and Growth

One of James’ greatest joys in his career is witnessing FaverGray’s growth and mentoring young, inexperienced individuals as they evolve into successful professionals in the construction industry.

Defining Success

To James, success means giving your all every day to make a difference and facing challenges head-on. For him, failure is not a setback but an opportunity for learning and growth.

Life Beyond Construction

Outside of work, [Name] is a man of diverse interests. He’s a talented guitarist and singer, enjoys landscaping and gardening, and possesses a knack for organization. 

Wanderlust and Aspirations

Maui, Hawaii, holds a special place in James’ heart as his best-traveled destination. However, the island of Santorini tops his travel bucket list.

Dream Dinner Party Guests

If James were to host a dinner party, his dream guest list would include iconic musicians Tom Petty, Bob Seger, and John Fogerty, promising an evening filled with incredible music and stories.

A Personal Mantra: Karma

James’ guiding mantra is “What goes around, comes around!” It’s a reminder of the power of positive actions and their impact on life.


We are privileged to have James on our team and look forward to more years of success together. As he rightly puts it, “Love what you’re doing, and you’ll love life!”

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