General Contractor

General Contracting

FaverGray has been an established provider of general contracting services in the southeast for more than 15 years. We have experience in every division of commercial construction, including civil, industrial, high-end multi-family, senior living and student housing.

Our history of success on diverse project types is the result of a staff of professionals who not only know how to manage processes of construction, but also have a technical understanding of how to build. The relationships we build with subcontractors combined with hands-on supervision provide our superintendents with the resources necessary to execute complex projects.

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FaverGray has the flexibility of providing successful projects through the various contract types, construction management, design-build or general contracting.

We pride ourselves on having an in-house, experienced, professional preconstruction staff to provide services tailored to the client’s requirements.

Produce Detailed Cost Estimates

  • Conduct a complete systems take-off and apply current/projected costs.
  • Cost evaluation of different systems or materials.
  • Suggest alternate systems or materials to reduce costs in both construction and long-term maintenance.
  • Complete material quantity take-off to compare with bidders/subcontractors.
  • Evaluate and develop overall project schedule

FaverGray utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling to coordinate the various trades ensuring projects are completed on-time.

  • Early release packages for long lead material or equipment.
  • Evaluate lead time and availability for material and systems
  • Identify materials, equipment or systems that have a long lead time. Advise the owner and design team to conduct early or phased bidding for longer lead items. Advise the owner and design team of alternate materials or systems that will meet the construction schedule.


  • Review the project site, project documents, and market factors to identify potential conflicts.
  • Evaluate the project as a whole and produce a site utilization plan that addresses the challenges of construction and the owner’s operations and activities.

Bid Manuals

Produce a Bid Manual with customized information for the project. The Bid Manual will eliminate scope of work confusion, provide construction schedule, provides bid requirements and project requirements specific to the project.

Subcontractor Interest

Generate subcontractor interest throughout the design phase and bidding phase. FaverGray has a 10,000 plus subcontractor database to provide competitive bidding and obtain and deliver the best cost for the project.

Bid Management

Prequalification of Subcontractors to ensure selection of best subcontractors. Conduct pre-bid Meetings to convey unique project requirements, address questions, and allow subcontractors to view the project site. Evaluation of bids to ensure there are no scope gaps or overlaps.


Review subcontractor bids comparing their material quantities with our in-house quantity survey, project schedule and bid documents, eliminate scope gaps and overlaps to provide the best, most competitive price to the owner.

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Project Management

As construction and project managers, FaverGray promotes a “team first” attitude with all of the members of a construction team: owner, architect, engineers, subcontractors, and regulatory agencies. This spirit of cooperation is fostered during preconstruction and continued beyond project completion. We involve our clients at the earliest stages of project planning assuring them that they have selected a construction partner who will always safeguard the overall success of the project. Together, we work to manage the variables of any construction project: cost, quality, and schedule.

We utilize Procore to streamline communication by connecting the field to the office on a single platform. This means our projects can operate the way construction really works – in teams.

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Student Housing

Student Housing is more than just a place where students sleep at night. They’re where connections are made, ideas flourish and innovation is born. At FaverGray, we have experience building student housing for colleges and universities that help students thrive. Whether you’re building a new housing unit or need to renovate your existing housing structures, trust FaverGray to deliver students a housing experience that sets your campus or college community apart. We’ll work with you to develop buildings that meet your needs and are within your budget while ensuring that there are minimal disruptions to campus life or the surrounding community.


  • 9,224,826 GSF
  • 31,771 BEDS
  • 5,756 UNITS
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Multi-Family construction calls for creative solutions to meet the owner’s needs. Whether it is a market rate or HUD project, single-story, garden-style, or high-rise apartments, FaverGray has the expertise in dealing with a variety of projects to better prepare you to lease or sell your property. We have established processes in place – from estimating through value-engineering to actual construction.

At FaverGray, we understand the importance of considering the people who live in your community when we develop a new building. We also value the local culture and the surrounding area. We take all these things into account when we build multi-family communities. Responsible for building various master-planned communities for developers, FaverGray understands the connection between quality construction and local market knowledge. From the ground up, its multi-family projects consistently exceed expectations and deliver a better quality of life.


  • 3,512,296 GSF
  • 5,968 UNITS
Selected Portfolio

Senior Living

FaverGray understands the demands of an industry looking to cater to the needs of an aging population. We recognize the expanding requirement for appropriate facilities and are committed to using our professional experience in the construction and renovation of senior living facilities to be part of the solution. FaverGray is experienced in all areas of senior living including independent and continuing care retirement communities, nursing and memory care facilities, as well as, acute care hospitals, and surgical centers.

A senior living community should reflect the people who live there. At FaverGray, we blend the communal aspect of senior living spaces with the desire for independence. The result is a living space that’s as functional as it is comforting for the residents. We’ll collaborate with you and work closely together to build a senior living community that meets all regulations and licensing requirements to exceed your expectations.


  • 508,700 GSF
  • 678 BEDS
Selected Portfolio


The FaverGray team functions as an extension of our staff and provides front end services of great value. They are virtually a completely integrated partner from beginning to end.

Ronnie Macejewski, Campus Advantage

The field team had deep experience and dedicated leadership.FaverGray was the selected general contractor on a recent student housing bidproject designed by our firm, Coursey Architects, in Gainesville, FL; the projectdelivery date was met for the fall of 2019, (to the Owner’s satisfaction and the newtenants’ great enjoyment), as was required by the Owner, due to the diligence ofthe FaverGray team from top to bottom. The field team had deep experience anddedicated leadership, and was well supported by the project management team, backoffice and company leadership team across the board. This was a complex 3-buildingproject, on 3 separate sites in the city, so it was really like managing 3 projects atonce; each site had its own challenges and opportunities, and FaverGray managedthese all very well.

Paul J. Monardo, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Gary B. Coursey, Architects has been successfully producing multi-family projects for 50 years. We have worked alongside FaverGray for many years on many projects. We find them to be efficient, thorough and highly professional. Parkside at the Beach is one of our favorite projects we designed, and FaverGray built; luxurious design, built solid, and was sold for a large profit after a year of successful occupancy. We are pleased to work with them and will continue to refer them on projects we are producing.

Gary B. Coursey, Gary B. Coursey, Architects

The FaverGray team is a trusted partner with American Campus Communities. They bring great value as an active participant during initial design and predevelopment activities through pricing, and in the field during construction. Jim and Keith have assembled a core team of leaders with impressive depth and experience, and they demonstrate their commitment to service and integrity every day at every level. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with FaverGray.

Clint Braun, SVP of Construction Management, ACC Inc.

Easlan Capital of Atlanta and its affiliate Parkside Equities have been developing mixed use and multifamily properties throughout the southeast since 1982. It is with great pleasure that we have been successful in awarding the last three projects, consisting of 810 units to FaverGray. All three were completed on time and within budget. Parkside at the Beach was actually ahead of schedule and after a record lease-up, the property was sold within 36 months of construction start. I would therefore highly recommend them…as we look forward to a continuance of our relationship in the future.

Leonard Meltz, Parkside Equities, LLC

Our relationship with FaverGray has been more than successful. FaverGray is unique in that they combine the expertise and sophistication of a larger firm with a level of service and attentiveness of a smaller firm. These characteristics are exactly what we need and the projects have been delivered on budget, on schedule.

John Cobb, VPlace Partners, LLC